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Anything and everything

Live life everyday

12 October 1929
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What would a person like to know about me.......

Most people are surprised that a man this old interacts comfortably with people of all ages. Very little shocks me or turns me off (not that I am accepting of things like abuse and nastiness et al).

Somehow, I am able to accept various lifestyles and I enjoy learning about them. Things like body piercings and tattoos and colored hair and unmarried people living together and sexuality issues don't bother me.

I enjoy being a dad or grandfather (even great grandfather) to people I meet. I'm a compassionate and understanding person. I've dealt with depression in my life.

I'm interested in things like photography (especially digital), editing photos online, gardening, fitness, travel, world affairs, meeting people from other countries, having fun, good jokes of all kinds. One thing I am not is particularly intellectual.

I'm married (many years), retired from a career in software and human factors. Adult children. Grandchildren. Great grandchildren (5 of them). Love all aspects of the internet.

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